For 30 years, Landmark Plastic has been making life easier and less chaotic for growers, from propa-
gation to patio. Our wide range of containers, trays, packaging and growing systems for the horticultural industry were all designed with a deep understand-
ing of what growers need. And what they don't.
Our Botanica Collection of pots and containers are a premium decorative series without premium prices. Great for container gardens, combination planters, patios and house plants, we stock most of the standard colors and options in-house.
When we're not reducing chaos, we're proud to help reduce landfill material. Each year we use millions of pounds of recycled plastic to produce our products. We're serious about conserving energy resources while helping to sustain the environment, and we're committed to helping our customers do the same.

Done with Red Tape?

Had it with hassles, complications and chaos? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Landmark Plastic is serious about eliminating all of the above and concentrating only on what you need. You see, we only make plastic products for horticulture. That keeps our focus on growers and their needs, so we understand exactly what you want and what you don’t.

Hanging baskets just got better

We designed our hanging baskets with both the grower and the consumer in mind. Our patented reservoir and Maxi-Mizer® drainage system for saucerless baskets give you a basket that allows water to easily flow through, yet also provides a reservoir at the bottom.

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Want to help us reduce the chaos?
We want to hear your thoughts on how we can better eliminate chaos for you and your fellow professional growers. Chances are, you have a great idea for making things smoother that we haven’t thought of yet.

Keeping it simple for 3 decades
Since 1984, Landmark Plastic has been a family-run business with a singular mission: to provide growers with a full line of problem-solving container products. Today, we're just as focused on that goal as ever. And we’ll continue to help simplify the container-buying process through the next 30 years and beyond.