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  • New patent-pending design incorporates a simple fastening system that locks pots firmly in place
  • Discourages the tendency of end-users to tamper with products
  • Increase sales by selling multi-packs
  • Gives growers and retailers the opportunity to move more less-desired inventory
  • Improves perceived value and margins with the uniqueness of a 3-pack offering
  • Prevents products from bouncing around and becoming unseated from their trays during transportation, retail handling, and end-customer usage
  • Dramatically improves product integrity
  • Encourage end-users to buy three plants at a time, instead of just one




3-Ct. Trade Gallon Locking Tray System

Product code X-3QTTWL3 (Tray), X-65NTG (Container), TLCM (Locking Clips)
Trim length (inches) 19.88
Trim width (inches) 6.63
Cell depth (inches) 5.78
Pieces per carton 75
Cartons per pallet 56
Bulk 4200
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