Landmark is the leader in the research and development of water conservation products for the horticultural industry.
Features and Benefits:
  • Using a white color allows the sunlight to reflect off the collector to promote healthier lower leaves.
  • Enables growers to conserve water and chemical costs by channeling most of the water back to the plant.
  • Allows leafed plants that develop a dense "canopy" to feed of the collection of water and fertilizer.
  • More conservation means more time saved.
  • Allows for maximized growing space while promoting air circulation.
  • Durable; when used properly the products can be used for multiple crops or seasons.

8" x 8" Water Collector

Product code W08X8
Seasonal Yes
Saucer diameter (inches) 4.88
Trim length (inches) 24.31
Trim width (inches) 16.20
Pot Placements/Sheet 6
Sheets per carton 150
Pot units per carton 900
Cartons per pallet 20
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